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SIQ – Sociedade de Inspecção e Qualidade, Lda. – is defined as a technical entity specialized in the liquid and gaseous fuels sector.

Headquartered in Luanda, it is comprised by national and international senior technical staff with vast experience in the energy sector.

It provides its clients with a set of isolated or integrated services, within its operating industrial sector, covering multidisciplinary areas such as inspection, inspection, consultancy, audit, and training.

Contributing for the Country’s Wealth


SIQ – Sociedade de Inspecção e Qualidade, Lda. – is an independent board, unbiased, comprised by highly qualified professionals with experience gained across the entire energy sector such as petroleum, gas, oil products and biofuel.

As an Angolan company, it was founded in 2014 having the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of Engineering, Law, Economics and Finance, with acquired experience in the Exploration and Production sectors, Inspection, Technical Auditing and Consulting on Companies with worldwide developed work.

SIQ – Sociedade de Inspecção e Qualidade, Lda. – operates in a market in thriving development in Angola, with significant contribution to the social and economic sectors, creating jobs and wealth for the country.

Mission, Vision and Values


SIQ – Sociedade de Inspecção e Qualidade, Lda. –is a private entity under Angolan law, operating in the fuel market, which provides comprehensive technical services to seek the compliance with the applicable requirements to guarantee the assumptions regarded as good practices, aiming thus, the social and economic success of the projects entrusted to it, based on seriousness, accuracy, safety, environmental awareness and continuous improvement of the performed tasks, contributing therefore to the development, growth and prosperity of the Angola Republic.


Adoption of the three Qs principles: Human Quality, Technical Quality and Organizational Quality, always pursuing a merit and team work culture.

Professional Ethics

Always performing the tasks entrusted, constantly aware of the technical assumptions inherent to the service, their social-economic constraints and moral principles for which they are obliged;

Integrity, Independence and Impartiality

Implementation of the agreed services on the basis of integrity, independence and impartiality of the shared opinion, based on the belief this is mandatory to ensure technical exemption, which is the way to support the quality and safety of the performed work.

Competence, Accuracy and Professionalism

Continuing the professional values that led to the individual success of the company employees, having as goal the fulfillment of the values outlined for the entity, by ensuring quality on the delivery of contracted services, enabling the Company’s success, its employees and any other entity with which they might interact in the course of their professional activity. With a permanent concern in updating the knowledge of its staff, SIQ fosters the continuous improvement of their professional career either by attending professional training courses or by the participation in national and international conferences.

Engineering, Inspection and Quality
  1. Conducting inspections, surveys and technical assessments to structures and storage facilities, fuel distribution and/or supply, under construction or in service, based on adopted material and technique’s quality assurance as well for the followed construction processes, in addition to the compliance for the environmental control and protection assumptions;

  2. Verification and monitoring of design processes, construction and products resulting from storage projects and distribution of petroleum fuels (liquid and gas) and biofuels;

  3. Diagnosis and formulation of multidisciplinary solutions in engineering, implementing review methods and setting out proposals aiming the interest fulfillment intended as the objective by the Client; project review under the terms stated in reference diplomas for licensing purposes;

  4. Tracking, monitoring, management and review of technical procedures inherent to the activity development in the fuel sector;

  5. Quality Management System operational review of the involved entities falling within the scope of customer projects.
Legal Advisory
  1. Technical clarification concerning the applicable law to matters or individual cases on which Clients interests might arise, based on the assessment or not of legal basis for their claims, including conducting diligences arising directly from the provided legal advice.
Financial and Economic Consulting
  1. Economic, financial and risk analysis, historical and perspective;

  2. Feasibility analysis;

  3. Studies for cost rationalization;

  4. Business plans;

  5. Investment projects;

  6. Economic / Financial / Fiscal / Accounting Consultancy;

  7. Strategic and Management Consulting.
Technical, Legal, Administrative and Economic/Financial Compliance
  1. Compliance verification of Laws and Regulations;

  2. Assessment on of policies and guidelines for business and/or Company’s activities;

  3. Identification and prevention of any deviation or non-compliance that might occur on Company’s activities.
Professional Training
  1. Training on oil, fuel and biofuel;

  2. Support on recruiting personnel and staff for the Angolan oil industry;

  3. Human resources consulting for the oil industry.
Trading & Procurement
Trading & Procurement

Includes the procurement / trading activity of products and equipment for the oil industry (both upstream and downstream).
SIQ is proud to have a close connection with a group of internationally recognized suppliers for the quality and reliability of the products and equipment presented.
Example of products / equipment to be supplied:

  1. Reservoirs;
  2. Compressors, Generators, Pumps, Engines, Transformers, Valves;
  3. Measuring and Control Equipment (Flow meters), Instrumentation;
  4. Individual Protection Equipment;
  5. Fire-fighting equipment;
  6. Swivel Joints, Breakaway Couplings, Loading Arms, Filling / Leaking Equipment, Couplings, Hoses, etc.
  7. Tools, Filters, Spares;
  8. Maritime Equipment;
  9. Etc.
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